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Rumour: LG to debut 3D-enabled Optimus smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Well, this is probably one of the more unsurprising rumours to date. Remember the news we posted a few days back about NVIDIA planning to release a 3D-capable version of its Tegra 2 SoC? Seems like at least one smartphone OEM has already made plans to jump on the 3D bandwagon with what appears to be a 3D version of its Optimus 2X smartphone. Cue dramatic music in three…two…

We have often said that 3D is fast approaching mainstream status, and it appears that the latest trend in mobile devices have all but confirmed the fact. After all, Disney was the first to drum up interest with the announcement of its upcoming 3D-enabled Disney-themed smartphone, while NVIDIA was next with its leaked presentation slides which reportedly exposed the existance of 3D-capable versions of the Tegra 2 SoC that is being used by OEMs to produce high-performance smartphones and slate-like PCs.

Fast-forward back to today, and it should probably come as no surprise that OEMs are now seriously considering the feasibility of dumping 3D-capable hardware into smartphones in a bid to enhance their 'wow' factor with consumers. Fortunately, it seems that consumers won't have to wait for long to see 3D-capable mobile devices popping up from reputable OEMs: a mystery invitation from LG has all but hinted at an introduction of a 3D-enabled varient of its upcoming Optimus line of smartphones.

At first glance, it might seem like LG is merely teasing consumers and partners about a new addition to its Optimus line of smartphones, but reading between the lines hint that device might just be the 3D-capable Optimus smartphone that has been making its rounds in the online rumour mill. For one, the words 'new dimension' strongly suggest that the smartphone is no longer just limited to displaying 2D images.

However, the more compelling hint that this new smartphone might be 3D-enabled comes from the recent leak of NVIDIA's business slides a few days back, which all but revealed the existance of 3D-capable processing chips for the likes of smartphones and slate-like PCs. If one takes into consideration the fact that NVIDIA is aiming at a Q1 availability of these SoCs and the typical consumer mindset of holding off product purchases in favor of new technology that is soon to make its way to the mass market, it makes sense that LG might want to announce a 3D-capable smartphone to pre-empt such shifts in consumer purchase patterns.

To top off the rumour, a Danish website known as All About Phones have also claimed that LG had earlier jumped the gun by posting an image for an LG Optimus 3D phone that looks somewhat similar to the render in the invitation render before abruptly pulling the product page down, as shown below:

Unfortunately, that is all the information we managed to turn up about the fabled 3D Optimus smartphone. However, it cannot be denied that these scraps of information all point to one simple conclusion: LG definitely has plans for a 3D-capable smartphone, and it is due to hit the shelves soon.

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