Reports from Germany point towards a GeForce GTX 560 (minus 'Ti') being in development. The GTX 560 will replace the GTX 460, as a competition to the Radeon HD 6800 series. The GTX 560 is expected have one SM disabled – much like the GTX 460 – for a total of 336 SP, 56 TMU, with 32 ROP and a 256-bit memory bus like the GTX 560 Ti. The GTX 560 will clocked much higher than the GTX 460, in the range of 800 MHz. 

In essence, the GTX 560 is very much like a tweaked version of the slew of heavily overclocked GTX 460 variants – offering better thermals and maybe slightly better performance . Depending on the final clock speed, the GTX 560 will offer similar performance to the Radeon HD 6870 and the outgoing GTX 470. 

The reference design, not surprisingly, will most likely mimic the GTX 560 Ti. The GTX 560 is expected to release sometime between mid-April and early-May. If priced right, the GTX 560 will be a formidable challenger to the HD 6870 in the popular $200 market. 

Source: Heise