The GeForce GTX 560 we first heard about 4 weeks ago, is now rumoured to release on May 17th. Not to be confused with the GTX 560 Ti, the GTX 560 will be a direct replacement to the GTX 460. The specifications are expected to be remarkably similar to the outgoing GTX 460 1GB – 7 SM enabled for 336 SP, 56 TMU, a 256-bit memory interface tied to 1GB GDDR5. However, the main difference would be the core frequency, up from 675 MHz to over 800 MHz. 

Needless to say, the GTX 560 is aimed straight at the Radeon HD 6870. A majority of stock-clocked HD 6870s are now selling in the $200-$210 range and it would thus make sense for the GTX 560 to release at around the $199 price point. Other details are still sketchy and there's still four weeks to go to May 17th so things could change. 

Source: Expreview