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Saints Row 4 – Saving the world without pants [new trailer]


Saints Row 3 spoiled gamers worldwide with its madcap antics, insane post-modern storyline and so much freedom you could shove an American flag in it and claim it as your own. Saints Row 4 looks ready to amp up that with their brand new trailer.

The new trailer begins with a scrambled message followed by a short clip of where we left off in Saints Row 3, but not as we remember it. The game takes place in a digital simulation of the Saints Row universe where you must break free.

Taking a few nods from the Tron and Matrix series respectively, Saints Row 4 is out to enhance the madness by completely de-voiding it of reality. The player will take the role as the President of the United States who puts the Saints back together to take on the fight for humanity and the right to not wear any clothes at all when running around a desolate digital landscape.


The series is now owned by Deep Silver, publishers of the Dead Island series, and it looks like the amount of autonomy the developers has been given is limitless and it shows in this new game. Although from a graphical perspective, the engine doesn’t look too different from its previous iteration, Saints Row IV will hopefully be all about the insane storyline and the varied gameplay. While it was sad for THQ to depart with the series last year, the new title will hopefully let fans know that they were not forgotten in the dev-swap.

Saints Row IV will be at E3 this year and has already been slated for an August 20 release date for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully the next in the series will receive a new graphical overhaul with next-gen consoles in mind.

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