Samsung has announced that it has begun mass-producing 128GB NAND flash chips using its 10nm process.

Just five months ago, Samsung began its production and distribution of the 64GB chips, and the entrance of its 128GB variant will surely help to further the gap between itself and competitors.

“We will continue to release next-generation chips at the right moments to actively react to consumer demands,” according to Samsung.

As more and more consumers shift to solid-state drives and use them as their primary drives, demand for NAND flash chips will surely increase.  iSuppli reports that the 128GB chips will account for 30 percent of the 40.5 billion NAND flash shipped in 2013.

Samsung also intends to up the ante by increasing its production volume of SSDs with densities over 500GB to aid the adoption rate of SSDs as primary drives.  The involvement of Samsung in the NAND flash sector will, hopefully, drive down the prices of SSDs even further—a downward trend which many frugal PC users are hoping to see accelerate quicker.