Samsung has released the pricings for various Windows 8 devices, which includes laptops, PC’s, and tablets.

First off are the Samsung Smart PCs.  The Pro 700T will run for a cool $1,200, whereas the lower tier 500T will cost you $750 with a keyboard, and $650 without.  The 500T’s price difference with and without a keyboard is rather intriguing—begging us to ask the question: “Is the bundled keyboard really that expensive?”

Next up are the Mobile PCs, or laptops, or Ultrabooks—or whatever you want to call them.  The Series 9 Premium Ultrabook will come in two models, a 13-inch and a 15-inch.  The smaller 13-inch will cost $1,300, and the 15-inch will be $1,500.  The 15-inch Series 7 Notebook is slightly over a grand, and will cost you $1,100 apiece.

Samsung’s Series 5 Ultra Touch will vary in prices depending on configurations.  The Core i3 model will cost $810, but for $50 more people can upgrade a Core i5.  The Series 3 is Samsung’s attempt at wooing bargain hunters, with notebooks starting at $450.  The prices of the Series 3 will increase, however, if the system’s base configurations are changed.

The Series 7 All-in-One desktop PCs will also vary in prices depending on configurations.  The model with the 27-inch display will cost $1,700, and consumers will have to drop $1,100 for the smaller 23.6-inch model.  The most affordable out of the desktop models announced is the Series 5 All-in-One, which is slightly less than one grand—coming in at $800.