With smartphone and tablet devices becoming more technologically advanced  with quad-core processor and LTE support, it could be a pain to playback high-quality images and video playback directly from your memory card which is unable to support such speeds. But worry not. Samsung Korea has announced the new Ultra High Speed-1 microSD card for this purpose.

Samsung Korea has announced the new Ultra High Speed–1 (UHS-1) interface microSD cards which claim to be capable of supporting the highest performance levels required on advanced LTE (Long Term Evolution) smartphone and tablet devices. The UHS-1 memory card comes in a 16GB density and is comprised of Samsung’s 20 nanometer-class 64 gigabit (Gb) toggle DDR 2.0 devices and an advanced Samsung controller supporting the ultra fast UHS-1 interface. On testing, the 16GB UHS-1 microSD card has a maximum sequential read speed of 80 megabytes per second (MB/s) which is approximately four times the read speed of today’s advanced microSD cards, which operate at 21MB/s. Initiating production of the 16GB UHS-1 microSD cards has begun late last month. And the company plans to expand its microSD card offerings with higher density solutions in the future, and reinforce its position as the leading market innovator for NAND flash.

Source: Korea Newswire