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Samsung-Apple CEOs reportedly fail to strike a truce

Both CEOs were to try and reach a settlement prior to the trial in March.


Samsung and Apple’s CEO have reportedly failed to reach a mutual agreement.

According to a published report out of Korea, Samsung’s mobile division chief JK Shin and Apple CEO Tim Cook met in the U.S. They were following orders given by the court to try and resolve the outstanding patent issues, which could result in yet another arduous and costly trial. An agreement was to be made before February 19th, but the report claims that both CEOs have failed to strike a truce and all signs point to a trial now.

Late last month it was reported that the conditions Apple was laying down for the out of court settlement were not favorable for Samsung. Apparently Cupertino wanted it to pay billions in licensing fees and also agree to an anti-cloning provision, which gave Apple the right to sue if any of Samsung’s future products resembled its own. BJ Watrous, Apple’s VP and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, as already made the company’s position clear in a sworn declaration provided to the court, that discussions with Samsung have “consistently included limits to both the scope of any license and a prohibition against cloning Apple products.”

Its clear that Apple won’t budge if its terms are met, and Samsung doesn’t seem to be in a mood to do so, it would rather take its chances in court. The trial could entail a payout of $930 million in damages to Apple if it goes south for Samsung, it starts on March 31. A spokesperson for Samsung said that “we can’t confirm whether the two CEO met, or if they did, what the results were.” Apple is staying mum as well.

Source: ZDNet

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