Thought current SATA based SSDs were screaming fast? Just to pop your bubble, Samsung has begun mass production of the world’s first PCIe-based SSD tailored specifically for Ultrabooks, which promises to bring screaming fast data transfer rates like never before.

Samsung SSD

With SSDs (Solid State Drives) getting faster with each new generation and manufacturing process, SATA interfaces are no longer able to provide the required bandwidth for realization of the maximum potential of the fastest SSDs. Simply put, SATA interface is the bottleneck, and something needs to be done.

In comes Samsung to the rescue, making the world’s first SSD based on the PCIe interface. The new Samsung XP941 series SSDs designed for Ultrabooks makes use of the faster bandwidth offered by PCI-Express, nearly 1.4 GB/s. That makes these new SSDs nearly 2.5x faster than the SATA-based counterparts. Just for you to be able to visualize, the XP941 can transfer 500 GB of data under a cool 6 minutes only (jaw drops to the floor).

Samsung PCIe SSD XP941 M.2 form factor

Samsung will offer the XP941 in three flavors, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB variants. The new M.2 form factor (80 x 22mm) makes older SSDs look ginormous in comparison and weighs just 6 grams, about 1/9th the weight of traditional SATA-based SSDs. We won’t have to wait too long to see a notebook with the new XP941 SSD, a teardown of Apple’s new MacBook Air showed a similar Samsung made PCIe SSD inside. Now, we wait to witness real world performance.

Source: Samsung via VR-Zone Chinese