Samsung sold over 300 million mobile phones this year, breaking its company record. The Galaxy S smartphones are primary contributors to the achievement.

Samsung sold over 300 million mobile phones this year, a record figure in the company's entire history.

The Korean electronics giant issued a statement on Sunday saying that it had broken its sales record at the end of last month, which means that the total number for 2011 will be even bigger, thanks to the strong Christmas shopping period.
The figure is significantly higher than the 280 million sales Samsung recorded in 2010, which was a positive year for the smartphone industry. It claims that its Galaxy S series of smartphones were primary contributors to the achievement, with the Galaxy S II selling 10 million units alone since its April launch, another record for the company.
“We look forward to extending this success going into 2012,” said J.K. Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communications at Samsung.
Samsung is the second largest handset maker in the world, behind Nokia, which has been losing market share as smartphones overtook feature phones. A decade ago Samsung was in fourth place, and if Nokia fails to recover sufficiently with its planned Windows Phone 7 smartphone range, Samsung could end up creeping into the top spot.
Source: Reuters