Samsung has released its quarterly earnings estimates for Q2 2013, a little while ahead of the final earnings announcement. Estimated profits tops out at $8.33 billion, or about 9.5 trillion South Korean Won.

Samsung earnings

Ahead of the final earnings announcement later this month, Samsung has posted its quarterly earnings estimate for Q2 2013, and boy does it look good. The South Korean company is making a lot of money, to be more exact, about $8.33 billion of money which is converted from the 9.5 Trillion South Korean Won.

The record-breaking scores comes obviously due to the excellent Galaxy S4 sales numbers, as well as the scores of sales made by the company's components division. Q2 2013 is turning out to be Samsung's best performance yet, beating the $6.4 billion profits made in Q2 or 2012.

Mark the 26th of July on your calendars to see the final official figures revealed.

via YonHapNews & Reuters | Image credit: Engadget