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Samsung exec hints at ‘spring’ Galaxy S5 release, independent wearables also coming

Samsung’s mobile arm may have focused all CES 2014 efforts on Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro tablet announcements, but one of the company’s head honchos has confirmed the next big smartphone release and new wearables are not far down the road.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Without naming any names, Dennis Miloseski, chief Samsung America designer, reinforced in an interview the idea Samsung is eyeing a Galaxy S launch in the spring and a fall unveiling for the fourth member of the Galaxy Note phablet family.

There’s little doubt however that GS4’s follow-up will be called Galaxy S5, with rumors of a February rollout now officially put to rest once and for all. As Miloseski probably referred to the handheld’s commercial debut, not its formal intro, a Mobile World Congress (MWC) announcement remains in the cards, likely followed by a late March or early April in-store bow.

The exec went a tad more into details in regards to Sammy’s wearable tech plans, suggesting both independently-operated such gizmos (think Neptune Pine) and phone-controlled watches are imminent.

Galaxy Gear 2 teaser

When will they break cover? Believe it or not, the official actually let a few timing-related things slip, basically revealing the S5 and Note 4 will come chaperoned by Galaxy Gear sequels and spin-offs of sorts. So expect one in the spring and another as soon as the leaves start dropping.

Oh, and since the Neptune Pine came up, let’s mention it’s unlikely Samsung will go all-in on smartwatch hardware anytime soon, as the design appears to be the main focal point going forward. Quote: “You have to look at the tastes that individuals have” and “when I have something on my body, it is a part of me”. Makes sense, right?

Source: Recode

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