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Samsung finally releases TecTiles 2 after long wait

Finally, users who have upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the Samsung Galaxy S4 can get their TecTiles functionality back

2 months after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has finally announced the availability of the Samsung TecTiles 2, a NFC sticker for  automating smartphone tasks though the tap of a smartphone.

Previously, Samsung's older TecTiles were compatible with all of Samsung's NFC capable devices, with the exception of its latest Galaxy S4 flagship. This was due to Samsung utilizing a different NFC radio on the Galaxy S4 that does not support the non-NFC-standard protocol its older TecTiles used, resulting in users who upgraded from their older Samsung phones to the new Galaxy S4 being left without the option to use their TecTiles.

Sadly though, while the TecTiles 2 are now available on Samsung's website in a package of 5 stickers for $15, Galaxy S4 users holding the older TecTiles will not be able to get a trade in.

Source: Samsung via Engadget

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