The Samsung GALAXY S III is going to be launched soon, and there have been many leaked photos of the Android smartphone online. But the latest one seems to be the real deal, from a Powerpoint slide with the name of PR agency (WeberShandwick) at the bottom.

The photo of the Samsung GALAXY S III shows an extremely thin bezel around the display with a front button below it. The phone is also very slim and has both front and rear camera; the overall design looks to be an authentic Samsung's style. According to sources, the GALAXY S III is scheduled for launch on 22 May. The home screen shows five touch icons at the bottom of the display, which Interestingly, are currently only available on the GALAXY Note. Unless it means the GALAXY S III has a similar 5-inch display, it will not make sense to incorporate the five touch icons on smaller screens. It seems doubtful that the company have the GALAXY S III join the 5-inch camp to vie with its GALAXY Note. It is still too early to draw conclusions, let's wait and see when the Android smartphone is announced.