The hottest selling phone this Spring gets a new coloured exterior – Blue Arctic.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't a stunningly handsome device to begin with, and so new color schemes really help enhance the visual appeal of the phone, especially if it matches well with the design (which seems to be the case with the freshly leaked Arctic Blue paint job).

Sammy's latest and greatest flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone has been spotted donning a new color. The color has a cool name to begin with, being "Arctic Blue" (and yes, it is blue), and this new color variant of the phone is expected to launch in Japan early next month. The Galaxy S4 comes in two colors, "Frost White" and "Black Mist", and out of the two we prefer the former over the latter. This can be attributed to the intricate design that Samsung went with on top of their plastic (we managed to find a picture to show you the same) that simply looks better on the Frost White version.

Notice the pattern? It's slightly annoying atop the Black Mist flavor

The Galaxy S3 comes in a multitude of colors that range from amethyst purple, amber brown, marble white, garnet red to the original pebble blue. It won't come as a big surprise if we see more shades and flavors of the Galaxy S4 somewhere down the line.

Source: SamMobile