Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Blog South Africa has tweeted about the Galaxy Tab, a new tablet device, which will be launched in South Africa (perhaps in time with the World Cup 2010?). The Galaxy Tab claims to run Android operating system and has a 7-inch high resolution screen.

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S Android smartphone in Singapore and some other countries, though it seems that the Korean manufacturer is developing more than just smartphones in the Galaxy series.

The news came through from various websites, but all pointing back to the source which is a tweet from the Samsung Blog South Africa, showing the picture of a tablet device putting side-by-side with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab (tablet). More pics to follow.

The Twitpic link isn’t working, but it should be the above pic posted on the many technology news sites. The Galaxy Tab sports the similar TouchWiz UI and is likely to be running the Android operating system. It has a 7-inch screen, probably AMOLED, and will launch in South Africa. In time for the World Cup 2010?

Source: Samsung Blog South Africa Twitter, Engadget