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Samsung Gear 3 tipped for intro alongside Note 4, ‘Gear Solo’ production to be limited

The rumor mill is back in motion in regards to upcoming Samsung wearable launches, with a third-generation Gear smartwatch expected out in September and the much hyped SIM-packing Gear 2 spin-off earlier, but deemed a limited trial.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Active, Prime and Neo rehashes of flagship Samsung phones are clearly making the OEM’s roadmap more unpredictable than ever, but a few fixtures remain no-brainers. Like Galaxy S intros every 10 or 11 months. Or Galaxy Note announcements during or ahead of IFA every fall.

Wearable products are becoming a tradition themselves, although they’re not so high-profile and important to warrant dedicated press events. Instead, the first-gen Galaxy Gear chaperoned the Galaxy Note 3 last fall, the don’t-call-it-a-Galaxy Gear 2 joined the S5 at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and rumor has it the Gear 3 will tag the Note 4 at IFA 2014.

The scoop ain’t 100 percent believable, but it comes from a source with a decent track record, which cites Korean-based “industry” moles once more, adding however the Gear 3 name isn’t set in stone as of now.


Nor are any features or specifications, albeit the running of Tizen, not Android, seems like a guarantee. So is the intelligent wristwatch’s high dependability on compatible Samsung smartphones and tablets, since a separate product, dubbed Gear Solo, is expected between now and September.

With built-in voice call support, meaning you can talk to your friends or family using your wrist even when not synched to another gizmo. The surprising part of Korea Herald’s report is the speculation on Gear Solo’s availability.

Apparently, local carriers didn’t respond too kindly to a standalone smartwatch, which is why Samsung isn’t planning to build it in large quantities. But the US is targeted by the model’s test run, so look for this cellular Gear in American stores come July.

Source: The Korea Herald

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