The deal sees both organizations sharing their patent portfolios for the next ten years.


Samsung and Google announced a landmark patent licensing deal today that sees both organizations sharing their patent portfolios over the next ten years. The move will have far-reaching consequences not just for Google and Samsung, but the mobile industry in general.

The ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung, and Nokia’s litigation against HTC might have contributed to the deal between Samsung and Google as they look to fend off further patent trolls. Dr. Seungho Ahn, the head of Samsung’s Intellectual Property Center, said that such a deal would show the industry that there is more to be gained by collaborating together than engaging in patent wars.

Google is similarly keen on the deal, with Allen Lo, Deputy General Counsel for Patents at Google, mentioning hat such a deal would serve to foster innovation while reducing the potential for litigation.

The terms of the deal, insofar as the exact patents that will be covered haven’t been divulged, but it is clear that not all Google-owned or Samsung-owned patents will be included in the deal. The agreement is not limited to Android, but also covers future technologies, so it is likely that Google will be collaborating with Samsung in its connected home front. Both organizations stand to gain more by collaborating on future technologies.

Google is also set to enter the hardware market, with devices like the Google Glass set to see a commercial launch later this year. Samsung can be the go-to manufacturer for Google, and Samsung can meanwhile benefit from access to Google’s patents in the wearable segment. Samsung has entered into a similar agreement with Nokia last year that sees the South Korean manufacturer using Nokia’s patents until 2018.

Source: Samsung