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Samsung GT-i8800 is the first Tizen 2.1 powered handset

Tizen Greek Community posted what seems to be legitimate images of a Samsung device running the unannounced Tizen 2.1 operating system based on Linux. Tizen is being actively co-developed by Samsung and Intel after Nokia broke off the MeeGo alliance.

It is already a well known fact that the world's largest Android device seller and phone manufacturer Samsung is looking into an alternative OS so as not to just spew out Google Android-based products (which they seem to be doing exceedingly well). The Korean giant has been working with Intel for nearly two years now to develop and mould their dream-child, Tizen, into a formidable opponent to Android. Well, it seems that their long journey is finally going to see some fruit, with Tizen 2.1 almost ready, and Samsung testing devices based on the same.

The first Tizen 2.1 running device from Samsung, code named GT-i8800, is a high end smartphone with an HD (1280 x 720) display. Little else is known about this device, but we do know for sure that it will be a high end device, treated with the latest chipsets and features to enable it to compete with Android flagships (at least those from last year).

Tizen is based on HTML 5 (much like Firefox OS) and is completely open source. We can't wait to see what comes of Tizen, and how it stacks up against Android when it is finally launched later this year.

Source: Tizen Greek Community

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