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Samsung Hennessy (aka Galaxy Folder) gets pictured, who wants a quad-core Android clamshell?

Nostalgic about the flip phone era? Still a fan of physical keyboards, but also willing to use a tiny touchscreen from time to time? Then this one’s for you: the Samsung SCH-W789, aka Hennessy, also known as Galaxy Folder, according to some sources.

Samsung Hennessy

Mentioned in a rumor for the first time a couple of weeks ago, with very few specifics attached to its name, the phone is back grabbing the headlines with an unofficial photo, plus a number of potential features.

Right off the bat, a friendly warning – don’t expect mind-blowing speed from this thing. Like I said, the Galaxy Folder targets folks touched by nostalgia, so some of its specs will feel like a blast from the past as well.

Number one, the screen(s). There will reportedly be two of them, one on the inside of the clamshell mechanism and one on the outside. Both are expected to measure 3.3 inches in diagonal and boast a… 480 x 320 pixels resolution. Ew, right?

Oh, well, at least we’re expecting a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor to be humming inside the “Hennessy”, along with 1 GB of RAM. On the software side of things, you’ll be getting Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (nice), while the rear camera is tipped to be a modest 5 MP unit.

Finally, rumor has it the flip phone will only hit China through the country’s Telecom carrier and in a “Luxury Gold” variant. Uhm, hopefully Samsung doesn’t mean that literally. Or who knows, maybe that’s who the Koreans are planning to target the device to after all – eccentric oil barons with more money than sense.

The ETA is rather vague for the moment (August for both China and Korea), so all we can do now is wait. Or, you know, not care since this is not exactly the most exciting Android phone of the year.

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