SSD from Samsung uses new V-NAND technology, which offers a high chip gigabit density.


Samsung unveiled Tuesday its next-generation of consumer solid state drives, the 850 Pro. Available in 28GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities, the 850 Pro uses Samsung’s new 3D V-NAND flash memory technology.

This new V-NAND flash memory technology, thanks to what Samsung calls its “proprietary vertical cell structure,” (read: stacked silicon) promises twice the write performance and less power draw than its predecessors. According to a press release from Samsung, the sequential read performance reaches of the drive can hit up to 550 megabytes per second, while write performance can go up to 520MB/s. Random read performance can hit up to 100,000 input/output operations-per-second (IOPS), with write speeds of up to 90,000 IOPS.

The SSD draws an exceptionally low amount of power,  3.3 Watts for reading, 3W to write and 0.4 W for idle mode.

Samsung’s new V-NAND technology increases reliability, so much so that Samsung offers a fairly impressive warranty on the drive. It’s rated for up to 150 terabytes written (for an explainer on why SSDs die see this) and the drive are backed by decade long warranty.

Prices and availability have yet to be announced, but it’s expected sometime in the last quarter of 2014.



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