Samsung has introduced their new mirrorless compact system interchangeable lens camera, the NX200, which boasts professional image quality with great ease of use. The NX200 is fully compatible with nine different i-Function lenses with new lenses for the i-Function system including 18-200mm, 16mm, 60mm and 85mm focal lengths.

Samsung has launched the NX200, a new compact system camera that delivers professional standard photography, promising an easy experience. The NX200 delivers DSLR quality imaging in a camera that is compact and easy-to-use. The camera incorporates a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor that provides high quality image with great details. For high speed capture, the NX200 can achieve 100ms Advanced AF speed. With its Fast Boot and seven frames per second continuous shooting, you can rest assured not to miss a shot.

In addition, the camera offers a wide range ISO (100-12800) that gives natural colours and sharp details, even in dark environments or when capturing fast moving objects. The NX200 also features 1920×1080/30p (H.264) high definition movie recording with stereo sound.

The compact system camera is compatible with i-Function 2.0 lenses, which gives control to a range of parameters from the lens, providing complete focus on a shot. The NX200 is also compatible with nine different i-Function lenses which enable toggling between shutter speed, aperture, EV, WB, and ISO quickly and easily. With the upgraded i-Function 2.0 on the NX200, you can control six different Smart Filters and the intelli-Zoom function from the lens whilst in Lens Priority Mode. New lenses for the i-Function system include 18-200mm, 16mm, 60mm and 85mm focal lengths.

With the new Panorama function, it provides lengthened shots of large objects or converts the image into 3D and brings the object to life. The NX200 also comes with the added Sound Picture function, a snippet of sound can be recorded to a still image to include interesting memories to a shot.

The Samsung NX200 (with 18-55mm i-Function 2.0 lens) is available at S$1,099.


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