Samsung has introduced two new models to their 2View camera lineup – ST600 and ST100. Both cameras sport stylish design and feature front LCD display for users to take self-portraits easily.

Samsung has unveiled the latest additions to their 2View camera portfolio, namely the 14.2-megapixel ST600 and ST100. Building on the success of the ST550 and ST500, the two cameras feature stylish design, ease of use and dual LCD technology.

The ST600 and ST100 have 1.8-inch front LCD screen, compared to the previous 1.5-inch on the earlier models, and come in four colors – hot pink, gold, black and purple. Equipped with Schneider KREUZNACH lenses, the ST600 offers 27mm wide-angle focal length with a 5x optical zoom, while the ST100 feature 5x optical zoom.

Featuring Samsung’s Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology, the ST600 and ST100 can analyze key elements of the composition of the image such as color, brightness, motion and subject and then selects the appropriate scene mode which will produce the best results.

Source: Korea NewsWire