Anyone who owns a smartphone knows how it feels like to wait for the much-anticipated announcement of an OS firmware upgrade that usually never comes. However, it seems that for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, all that patience has finally paid off. Samsung Korea has just announced that the awaited Froyo upgrade for the Galaxy S will be rolled out today.

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Does anybody remember the Samsung Galaxy S? You know, the Android-powered smartphone which was released in June this year and came with Éclair, or otherwise known as Android 2.1? Apparently, it seems that after five months of waiting patiently for the update that never came (the Nordic regions got it first in mid October), Froyo is finally making its way to the European and Southeast Asian markets.

According to a press release posted on Samsung Korea’s website today, the update was rolled out yesterday at 8pm (7pm Singapore time), and boasts many improvements over the current Éclair OS which is loaded by default in the Galaxy S.

Among the improvements claimed are the enhancements of the existing voice-search and audio-input capabilities already existent in Éclair, the ability to download an app from the Android Marketplace directly into an SD card, and Automatic Updates for installed apps. Of course, there is also the obligatory support for the Adobe Flash 10.1 plugin, which allows users to enjoy Flash games or view Flash videos/websites while on the move. The addition of built-in tethering support is also a great welcome: users no longer have to go for complex workarounds such as rooting the phone and installing third-party tethering apps which do not always seem to work as stated on its description.

However, Samsung has also stated that it has made its own additions to the stock Froyo build as well. First up on the list is the addition of a new ‘social hub’. According to Samsung, the new social hub will integrate phone book information, email and SMS notifications with updates from popular online social networking services like Facebook and Twitter to provide an “ingenious service”. Last but not least, Samsung has also announced two addition improvements, the first of which involves the Galaxy S’s camera where users can now easily toggle between the front and rear cameras. The other improvement is related to the Galaxy S’s built-in music player, which, with the Froyo update, will now support the creation of additional folders for better file management.

Which leaves us with the all-important question: when will the Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S is rolled out to Singapore? Well, according to our sources, no definite date has been set for the official rollout of Froyo yet. However, we were also informed that users will most likely be able to download and install the update by the end of this month. So remember to keep your batteries charged and the charger on standby for that day.

Source: Samsung Korea


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