This new Samsung HMX-Q10 video camcorder is designed to make video recording easier for consumers. It features a Switch Grip which claims to be world’s first that the HMX-Q10 can adapt to the user’s lifestyle and setting, and not the other way around. Best of all, it is affordable too.

Samsung has announced the launch of HMX-Q10, the latest addition to the camcorder portfolio. Designed with full high definition (HD) camcorder technology with BSI CMOS sensor, the HMX-Q10 is easy to use and operate.

The HMX-Q10 is not only compact and easy-to-use, but also offers many features, all at an affordable price. It combines the world’s first Switch Grip with Easy Operation via an LCD screen. Regardless of how you hold the camcorder, the G-magnetic sensor inside the HMX-Q10 will detect the angle and turn the LCD display according for ease of view and control. Easy Operation means that users can control detailed processes, turn the camcorder on and off and operate the playback function easily through the LCD screen, so controlling the device is intuitive and hassle-free. The HMX-Q10 can also double as a 4.9-megapixel still photo camera.

Source: Korea Newswire