Samsung Launches Application Seller Site

Samsung Korea has announced the launch of their Application Seller Site tomorrow (30 July) for developers and content providers. Developers and content providers can sign up as member to promote and sell applications or content for the Symbian or Windows Mobile operating systems.

Seoul, July 29, 2009 — Today Samsung announced that it will launch an application seller site ( on July 30.

The Seller Site is a bridge for developers and content providers to connect to end-users. When developers register relevant content or applications at their anticipated price on target markets, the applications are filtered through a backend system and are then promoted on the Samsung Application Store. All developers and content providers who want to promote and sell applications or content for the Symbian or Windows Mobile operating systems can sign up as members of the Samsung Application Seller Site for only one U.S. dollar.

The Samsung Application Seller Site will be an important part of the Samsung Application Store along with Samsung Mobile Innovator, a support program for developers, and the application store itself.

A member of the Seller Site will be able to purchase a sales contract online and check the certification status in real-time. The site provides essential statistics such as sales records, revenue, and popularity of the content to end-users. Billing and payment is also handled online.

Samsung plans to launch and expand an official Application Store in Europe during 3Q of this year.

Source: Korea Newswire