The Samsung NX100 has a unique shape; from the above picture, you can see there is a curve around the shutter button and is slightly enlarged compared to the other end to give a good grip hold. The camera is also very portable at 282g (without battery and memory card).

The i-Function button is on the camera lens allows you to easily access the various camera parameters such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed and even aperture. The position its placed makes it convenient to press with your thumb, while you scroll the focusing ring on the lens with your forefinger.

This is an example of what you will see on the display.Note that it is showing the Shutter speed parameter and 1/4000 is the final option available, though you can scroll to a slower speed if you desire by turning the focus ring (with the i-Function button still pressed).

Here’s the left of the camera which shows AV out, HDMI out and remote control module connector.

The NX100 does not have built-in flash, but has a Smart Shoe (hot shoe) for attaching the optional flash. On the top are also is a mode dial, front dial, shutter button (with backlit light, and built-in speaker.