Samsung has announced the launch of their latest Series 7 GAMER and CHRONOS notebook PCs. The Series 7 GAMER notebook (700G) is designed to deliver smart and rich gaming experience, while the Series 7 CHRONOS notebook (700Z) is made for maximum performance and productivity.

Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS

Samsung has launched its premium Series 7 CHRONOS notebook PC which is encased in a thin and compact aluminum chassis. Powered by the second generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, it incorporates ExpressCache technology, providing an extra 8GB of flash memory on the motherboard. This results in a faster start-up as well as increases overall performance. The Series 7 CHRONOS also delivers maximum performance with its high quality display. With Samsung’s "MAX Screen" technology, the Series 7 CHRONOS allows users to experience up to an extra inch of immerse viewing. The Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS 13.3-inch (700Z3A) is available at S$1,688, while the 15.6-inch (700Z5A) will retail at S$1,988 in mid November.

Samsung Series 7 GAMING

The Samsung Series 7 GAMER notebook PC is designed to deliver a smart and rich gaming experience. It is powered by a Intel Core i7 quad-core processor; combined with a high-end gaming AMD Radeon HD graphics card and an 8GB ExpressCache system. The Samsung Series 7 GAMER notebook PC claims to deliver superb gaming speeds as well as a rich visual experience through its 3D 17.3-inch LED display, with full high definition 1920×1080 resolution. On top of that, the notebook PC is also equipped with the latest 3D surround sound. The Samsung Series 7 GAMER is available now at S$2,899.