Samsung is finally responding to low internal storage complaints with their flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone after being taken to court Watchdog, BBC's consumer rights show.

When the Galaxy S4 was first launched (end of May), many users were unhappy with the disk space situation. Marketing a 16 GB product and selling it for a sky high ~$699 (or upwards) price tag, the phone offered users a mere 9.5 GB of usable storage, with some versions giving as low as 8.5 GB, which is nearly half of the marketed storage capacity for the device.

After users began complaining about the same, Samsung replied rather bluntly (or sharply) asking (directing) the users to simply buy a microSD card instead of complaining. The matter quickly escalated till it reached BBC's consumer rights show Watchdog.

Watchdog host Anne Robinson raised the issue in the show (and quite well at that), which finally got a response out of Samsung. A spokesperson told CNET UK that Samsung "appreciate the issue being raised," and that they are "reviewing the possiblity of securing more memory space through further software optimization."

With no 32 GB or 64 GB variant of the Galaxy S4 in sights, it's good to see that Samsung will try doing something about the issue rather than persist with their "microSD card" argument. 

Are you a Galaxy S4 user? Do you feel cheated on getting only half the advertised storage considering you paid an arm and a leg for it? Share your thoughts with us!

Source: CNET UK