You might want to add another device to the plethora of Galaxy S4 branded smartphones as SamMobile has spotted a new device in the list, the Galaxy S4 Mega.

Samsung might be preparing yet another Galaxy S4 branded Android smartphone. The newest device to make its rounds in the rumor mill is the Galaxy S4 Mega. With the name obviously implying a 'Mega' sized version of the Galaxy S4, is Samsung really pushing so hard not just to milk their Galaxy brand but now the Galaxy S4 name and brand itself?

SamMobile noted something interesting after Samsung pushed a new update for their WatchON app (Samsung and their obsession with the word Galaxy and ON).  The changelog lists "Added support for upcoming S4 Mega, S4 Mini and S4 Active" which couldn't be clearer than it already reads. Now we already know about the S4 Mini and the rugged S4 Active but the news about a Galaxy S4 Mega smartphone in the works is totally new! We don't really understand what Samsung is trying to do here, with their new line up of Galaxy Mega and with the ever increasing size of their Note series phablets and now the Galaxy S4 Mega, be prepared for overlapping products on multiple fronts by this slightly confused (but exceedingly successful, financially) Korean company.

Samsung is in search for the right size, by releasing a dozen devices to test them all out!

Source: SamMobile