Remember that crazy-sounding rumor about Apple working on a 13-inch iPad? Yeah, I didn’t buy it either at first, but now there are whispers about Samsung also prepping a larger than 10-inch slate, which indirectly adds credence to last month’s report.

Galaxy Note 10.1

Sammy’s giant might measure a “modest” 12 inches in diagonal, if The Korea Economic Daily is to be trusted. And it usually would, since we’re talking about a very reputable publication here. Only in this particular case the report is based on confidential “industry sources”, so the proverbial grain of salt is needed.

Especially that the “sources” have been extremely vague on the tab’s specs and features, only mentioning the thing will sport an LCD panel manufactured by Samsung Display and boasting a “higher than full HD resolution”.

Hold up, higher than full HD? That’s… intriguing. How much higher they of course don’t say, but the best guess is 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution, aka WQXGA, aka the same display of last year’s Nexus 10. Or otherwise put, a higher-res screen than that of the latest 9.7-inch iPad, though the resulting pixel density would be inferior: 251 vs. 264 ppi.


So far, so good (or at least so promising), but things could get even better. A previous rumor, which many ignored, pinpointed this mystery 12-incher as “not necessarily” a new Galaxy Tab family member. Translation: Samsung might have a 12-inch Galaxy Note in the pipeline.

I can’t even express how delighted I would be to see something like that become reality, even if the big problem will likely be pricing. Oh, well, at least it should be cheaper than the “iPad Maxi”.

The Galaxy Note 12 (my God, that sounds thrilling) is tipped to go on sale as soon as October, meaning next month’s IFA could bring the world more than “just” the 5.7-inch GNote 3. Can I hear a “huzzah”?

Source: The Korea Economic Daily via Cnet