Samsung Youm

Korean electronics giant Samsung showcased their flexible AMOLED displays at CES last year, and it is likely the screens could be incorporated into devices such as smartphones. The company has given the flexible AMOLED technology an official name, called "Youm".

Samsung has officially named their flexible AMOLED technology "Youm", and both the name and logo has been sent for trademark registration in the United States. This may mean that devices incorporating Youm could soon go on retail. Youm is Samsung's next generation ultra-thin screen with the unique characteristic of being able to be bent; the company termed it as unbreakable.

The flexibile AMOLED technology was showcased at CES last year, and at that time, we saw a 4.5-inch screen with a thinness of 0.3mm and resolution of 800×480 (WVGA). Samsung has demonstrated the concept by using it for ebook reading, camera, video chat and even to the extend of augmented reality and 3D visuals on tablet PCs. Recently, many companies are conducting research and development on flexible displays, and LG was the first to go into production of the screen. Last week, Korean company CE has revealed that the company has begun mass production of the world's first plastic electronic paper display.