The second official Google Phone, also known as the Nexus S manufactured by Samsung, has gone into space and according to the Korean manufacturer, the smartphone is onboard of NASA's final space shuttle as part of research for use by astronauts.

Samsung and Google have jointly announced that the Nexus S is aboard NASA’s final space shuttle. The Nexus S from Google is part of research that will equip small, free-flying satellites called Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) used by the astronauts to provide a broader range of capabilities and give better communication between land and sky. Nexus S claims to be the first commercial smartphone certified by NASA to fly on the space shuttle and to be cleared for use on the International Space Station. The experiment will use the smartphone-enhanced SPHERES as remotely operated robots to conduct interior survey and inspections of the station, to capture mobile camera images and video, and to study how robots can support future human exploration.
Source: Korea Newswire