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Samsung organizes Bada Developer Day, hints at upcoming local Samsung Wave release

Samsung organized a Bada Developer Day seminar on 21 May, 2010 at The Arts House to introduce developers to some details of the new Bada smartphone operating system, along with a few subtle hints about the local release date of the much-anticipated Samsung Wave smartphone.

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Do you fancy a smartphone OS which claims to have a fair amount of integration between both OS and the handset, a customizable kernel architecture and a more permissive developer policy than what is currently available on certain other smartphone operating systems?

If your answer to any of those questions listed above is ‘yes’, well, you are in luck; Samsung’s upcoming Bada operating system claims to be able to deliver all of the aforementioned features.

In a seminar held at The Arts House on 21 May, 2010, Samsung officially unveiled the Bada operating system to both developers and the media, where guests were given a brief but detailed introduction into the capabilities of the OS.
Details shared about Bada revealed that it will feature a kernel configurable architecture which allows for either the Linux kernel or a real-time operating system to be used, which should allow handset manufacturers a greater deal of flexibility in customizing the Bada operating system for use on a wide variety of handsets.
Development-wise, Bada will make use of Eclipse, a C/C++ development tool for writing and compilation of applications, while debugging will be done through the free GNU Debugger (known also as gdb).
The availability of the upcoming Samsung Wave was also hinted at during the seminar; while no actual dates were actually given, the guests were told to expect an announcement about the Wave “sometime next week”.

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