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Samsung releases upgraded mono laser printers, slaps on new colours on them in the process

Think that desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are the only devices which OEMs are willing to bless with hardware upgrades in order to ensure that they are capable of meeting consumers' ever-changing demands? Apparently, as far as Samsung is concerned, printers are also fair game for such upgrades, and leave it to the Korean electronics giant to do exactly that for its mono laser printers in the form of four new souped-up models.

Upgrading the hardware of devices such as desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones are acts which OEMs commonly engage in, as it allows them to deliver a faster and more up-to-date version of an existing product which is more suited to meeting the every-growing list of demands made by consumers. And as far as Samsung is concerned, it would seem that printers are also fair game for such upgrades, for the Korean electronics giant has just announced the launch of four upgraded mono laser printers which it claims are "ideal for personal, home office and small office users".


According to the official press release, three of the four models will be based of Samsung's existing ML-1660 monochrome laser printer, and will bear the model names ML-1673, ML-1674 and ML-1678. Feature and performance-wise, they are essentially identical to the older ML-1660 monochrome laser printer in that the ML-1673, ML-1674 and ML-1678 will all share the same body and maximum printing speed of 16PPM, although Samsung claims that the newer models will give consumers the options to choose between three different colours to suit their working environment; blue (ML-1673), ivory (ML-1674) and pink (ML-1678). In addition, Samsung clams that the ML-1673, ML-1674 and ML-1678 will feature print resolutions of up to 1200 x 1200 and a faster 300MHz processor (versus the ML-1660's 1200 x 600dpi resolution and 150MHz processor)

On the other hand, the fourth model is an upgraded version of the ML-2525 and will be marketed as the ML-2540K. While little about the ML-2540K's hardware specifications has been announced, Samsung has confirmed that the ML-2540K will feature a faster print speed at 24PPM and consume up to 23% lesser energy than its predecessor. In addition, Samsung is claiming that the new printer models are capable of enhance the daily user experience thanks to the integration of its one-touch print screen function onto the printer, which allows for easy printing on the contents that are currently displayed on a user's monitor.

No mention about global availability for the upgraded printers has been revealed by Samsung yet, although the company has claimed that the ML-167x series of printers will be selling in Korea at the price of 104,000 won (approx US$98), while the ML-2540K will cost users 159,000 won (approx US$150)

Source: Samsung Korea

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