Word has leaked out that Samsung is all set to launch an updated variant of the Exynos octa-core SoC next week. Could this be the chipset that is going to be used in the upcoming Galaxy Note III?


A tweet from Samsung’s Exynos twitter account today mentions the next version of Exynos as an evolution of the current-gen Exynos 5 Octa that is included in the international version of the Galaxy S4. While there are no details as of now regarding the enhancements this SoC will feature, it is clear that this chipset would most likely be used in the Galaxy Note III.

The current Exynos 5 Octa uses ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, which only allows four cores to be active at any time. When undertaking intensive tasks like gaming, the four Cortex A15 cores take over, and when the device is in an idle state, control is handed over to the Cortex A7 cores that maximize battery life. Through big.LITTLE, core-switching can be achieved in a matter of milliseconds.

So the next version of the Exynos Octa might come with the same variation of processors, but with higher clocks. We should have more details after Samsung’s event next week.

Via: SamMobile 

Source: Twitter