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Samsung shows off new printer made of cardboard

Designers at Samsung have come up with a more environmentally-friendly way to printing your documents, and it doesn’t involve using less paper.


The concept of the environmentally conscious printer is quite simple.  What Samsung designers basically did was they ripped out of the gut of a conventional printer and housed it in a box made of recyclable cardboard.  There are no screws to tighten, and most of the assembly involves folding the corrugated cardboard to form the pre-shaped printer housing.

Should the owner want to dispose of the printer once it becomes dated or longer wanted, all he has to do is unfold the cardboard and recycle the goods.  The “paper” printer eliminates a lot of the plastic waste that coincides with conventional household electronics.

Currently, the printer is still in its prototype stage, and no time frame has been announced for when the highly disposable printer will launch.

Source: wired via slashgear

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