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Samsung Smart Bike: the safest bike in the world?

Samsung introduces a concept that would literally reinvent a two-century old technology, and hopefully make it a lot safer to use than ever before.


Bicycles may be just as old as the steam engine, and as far as upgrades and modifications go, we think we already went as far as we could with it. But can the age old bicycle really be reinvented? Samsung definitely says yes, with their latest Smart Bike concept.

Technically, we see the Smart Bike as perhaps the first serious attempt in giving bicycles a full techie boost. We’ve definitely seen it done before, but these other ideas often take on only one or two aspects, or solve only one or two issues. In Samsung’s Smart Bike, we’re talking about an integration of various tracking and guidance systems, on a level that would probably leave the human element functioning only as the bicycle’s propulsion system.

First in the list of course is a GPS, obviously for determining routes and for active position tracking. Samsung also added a “suggested biker lane” feature to the Smart Bike app for this function. Then, there’s laser mounts, which Samsung explain as distance trackers and obstacle detectors, as well as acting as a beacon to signal other people nearby of the bike’s presence at night.




Other internal sensors and measurement devices installed inside the bike provide added tracking information. The Smart Bike app could make use of these devices to help your friends know your location, as well as sharing your location data on social media services and websites. Its rear camera looks a little overkill, but we kind of understand the concept of putting it at an angle that would not make it obtrusive to the biker.

The Smart Bike concept was developed with the cooperation of the Maestros Academy, a digital conservatory which Samsung itself has co-founded. As for the bike’s frame, it was designed by Italian framebuilder Giovanni Pelizzoli. No announcements yet for a consumer version release.

Source: Samsung

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