Samsung SP-H03

Tech products are shrinking in size, be it mobile phone, laptops or even USB thumbdrive. So are projectors, such as this new Samsung SP-H03 pico projector that weighs a mere 210g, allowing users to carry around with conveniently. 

The Samsung SP-H03 claims to be the manufacturer’s first pico projector to provide bright, powerful projection at affordable price for the business professionals on the move.

It weighs just 210g (130g without battery) and its detachable battery can last up to two hours in Eco mode. The SP-H03 features 30 ANSI lumens brightness, which is the brightest among other pico projectors, and can project a screen from 9- to 80-inches wide. The projector also comes with 1GB internal memory, as well as microSD card slot and USB port to connect to external storage devices. Other inputs include composite, PC and headphones.

Source: Korea NewsWire