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Samsung takes fight to Apple’s Silicon Valley backyard

When it comes to complex business relationships, there are no better poster children than Apple and Samsung. Now Samsung wants to up the ante in their ongoing rivalry with a massive building expansion right in Apple's Silicon Valley backyard.

There is no getting around the fact that Samsung and Apple have one of the most complex relationships in the tech world. While Apple may be looking to change this, the fact is that Samsung is one of the largest suppliers of components used in Apple products, and the legal battles between the two tech-giants will continue regardless of the goods exchanged.

Well, it turns out that Samsung has decided that they need to step up their game against their rival, albeit, in a passive aggressive way. Already the company has opened up a new innovation center in Menlo Park, planning a research and development lab in San Jose, and is working on opening up a startup incubator in Palo Alto, but that apparently isn't good enough.

In a move to compete with Apple's proposed spaceship-like campus, Samsung is going to build a massive semiconductor campus with a distinctive design as well. Samsung claims that its Silicon Valley expansions are needed in order to bring more entrepreneurial DNA into the company so that it can move from being an innovation leader instead of a follower.

Samsung's chief strategy officer Young Sohn believes the company needs to do this in Silicon Valley because it is the center of disruptive forces and he wants the company to be a part of those disruptions.

In order to make that shift, the company wants to get rid of the insular culture that Samsung has been focusing to develop most of its technologies and products internally. To do this, Samsung is partnering and investing with startups, supporting other innovators, and being a more active buyer of other companies.

Sohn also says that much of the company's innovation is currently done in Korea, but he believes that they need to reach out to global hot spots and how Samsung taps into global innovation will dictate their success.

The new semiconductor campus will cost Samsung $300 million and sport an open-air design meant to rival both Apple and Facebook’s.

via Phys.org

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