Samsung so embarrassed by SSD advert the company made it private after scathing Reddit thread.


Sexism and racial stereotypes: all the makings of a promotional video from a technology company.

Just a few months after Samsung’s incredibly bad reveal of the Galaxy S4 and a few weeks before it takes the stage at IFA in Berlin to debut its latest offerings, the Korean giant has made another advertising snafu with a promotional video for its 840 EVO SSD which lasted for less than a day on YouTube.

Rife with stereotypes and completely wooden actors, the video from Samsung attempts to sell the virtues of the 840 EVO SSD. Everyone from silly ignorant homemaker women, technology know-it-all Koreans (which they stopped short of showing play StarCraft II) who get excited about new tech and white collared Caucasians who have important jobs, can benefit from this new SSD gizmo as-per the ad’s script.


Presumably after being alerted to a front page Reddit thread mocking the advert, Samsung PR put the video in an early grave. By 12-noon Taiwan time it was de-listed and by the early afternoon it had been listed as private. Rest in peace.

Now in contrast, this amazingly bad YouTube advert from MSI is not only still up on its YouTube channel but plays on screens in the lobby of the company’s headquarters in Taipei. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.



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