Rumour has it that Samsung is planning a tablet release sometime later this year. As per most mobile devices on the market today, the Samsung tablet will run on Android, and is slated to be exhibited at IFA in Berlin next month.

Read on for more information about Samsung’s elusive tablet.

With tablets popping up all over the market faster than how popcorn does in a microwave, news of Samsung planning its own tablet release probably should not raise any eyebrows. After all, this is Samsung we are talking about: the company has a presence in just about any consumer-electronic related product ever known to man.

But what is interesting about the Samsung tablet is the hardware used to make it. Most of the details have yet to be disclosed, but Samsung Hub claims that the 7-inch tablet will be sold under the Galaxy banner (Samsung Galaxy Tab), and will be powered by Google’s Android OS. Specifically, version 2.2 aka Froyo will be pre-installed into the Galaxy Tab.

In addition, the tablet will also feature a variety of standard capabilities such as WiFi, 3G connectivity and GPS features, along with dual-cameras. Unfortunately, there is little mention about the hardware used to drive the tablet, so we will probably have to wait till September for that last bit of information.

Source: Samsung Hub