samsungbox Samsung UltraTouch S8300

Our review unit comes in a standard retail box. In case you don’t know, the color of the S8300 is Platinum Red. (Yes, it only comes in this color at press time).

 Samsung UltraTouch S8300

Unpacking the box reveals the abundant accessories including a USB cable, microphone cable with 3.5mm adapter, stereo earphones, user manual, software CD, warranty card, 8GB microSDHC memory card with adapter, 880mAh battery and power adapter.

UltraTouchF3 Samsung UltraTouch S8300

The S8300 has a slide out numeric backlit keypad. The keypad is flat with a smooth surface which can be a bit tedious to press. Below the 2.8-inch display are the Dial, Back and Power/Menu Exit keys, while above the screen is the front camera for video calls.

UltraTouchLeft Samsung UltraTouch S8300

On the left is the volume controls, which also functions as the camera zoom keys when the S8300 is in camera mode.

UltraTouchRight Samsung UltraTouch S8300

The right holds the multifunction jack (for connecting to the PC, earpience and charging the phone), hold and camera shutter buttons.

UltraTouchR Samsung UltraTouch S8300

At the rear is the 8-megapixel camera with dual power LED flash, and a mirror. The battery cover isn’t as easy to take out as compared to some other phones, but thankfully, there is a sticker on the battery cover that shows the steps to remove the cover. (Note you have to press real hard at the marked spot on the cover and then push it upward).

UltraTouchOpen Samsung UltraTouch S8300

The battery compartment holds the 880mAh Samsung battery. The SIM and microSDHC card slots are also located in the compartment, and you have to insert the cards before putting in the battery.