Samsung N150

Today, Samsung unveiled their latest products which consist of the R series laptops that feature good performance and stylish design; the portable N series netbooks with impressive battery life; and the G series external hard drives for users to backup their data.

Samsung’s latest range of R Series Notebook PCs exudes style with the Samsung’s Crystal Design finish which adds a splash of elegance, and a tough exterior which is scratch and smudge resistant.

R480 Notebook PC

Built for users who require heavy usage and multi-tasking performance, the Samsung R480 notebook PC is equipped with Intel Core i5-520M processor that provides the processing power you need. Editing videos and photos, composing digital music or playing PC games is a breeze with the Samsung R480’s nVIDIA GeGorce GT330M graphic card and 1GB memory.

The red Samsung R480 incorporates light swirls in its Crystal Design for a startling finish that is extended across the touchpad for a seamless feel with four LED lights illuminating the outline of the touchpad. The R480 also boasts a USB Sleep-and-Charge port for users to charge their portable devices even when the notebook is switched off.
Despite its robust array of features, the Samsung R480 weighs only 2.3kg making it ideal for users looking to enjoy high quality computing on-the-move.

The Samsung R480 is now available in glossy red and black at a recommended retail price of S$1,699.

R430e and R430i Notebook
The 14-inch R430e and R30i are ideal for users who are looking for a trendy notebook that meets their computing needs. The Samsung R430i is equipped with the Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics card while the Samsung R430e has the nVIDIA GeForce GT 310M card with 512MB memory.

The HDMI port is a standard feature found in the R Series which facilitate easy connection to a HDTV or home theatre system. To enable retrieving and sharing multimedia files wirelessly, the Samsung R30e and 430i are equipped with AnyPC remote PC access application that allows a secure One-Click connection to a home or office PC.

The Samsung R430e is currently available in glossy white at a recommended retail price of S$1,299. The Samsung R430i is currently available in matte black at a recommended retail price of S$1,099.

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