Today, Samsung announced their new range of mobile computers which include the QX310, RF and SF series, as well as NF210 netbooks. The notebook and netbook PCs will be available this month and early next month.

Moon Sung Hyun, Managing Director, Samsung Asia, said that the introduction of nine new models would give a total of 20 in their current mobile computer portfolio.

“We are confident these new products will help ensure our continued growth. We aimto be the number one in the netbook category with 20% market share by the end of this year. Likewise, we aim to be one of the top three brands for the notebook PC segment by 2011,” Moon says.

Alex Lo, Notebook PC Product Manager, Samsung Asia, was also present at the event and talked about the new products, their design and features.

The Samsung QX310 is the latest model in the premium QX series that offers durable aluminium exterior. It weighs slightly below 2kg and boasts a battery life of up to 7.2 hours.

The Samsung RF and SF series laptop incorporate stylish and revolutionary curve designs, which was being derived from the wings of a fighter plane. One good thing about the curve design is that the sides are slightly protruded such that when you hold the laptop at the edges, it won’t slip off your fingers too easily.

A model showing the curve design of the Samsung RF laptop