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Samsung unveils new range of Smart TVs, claims to revolutionise the TV viewing experience

Having said so much, you must be wondering about the the aforementioned devices and the various features they come loaded with. We will start with the real star of the show, which happens to be Samsung's new line of Smart LED TVs.

Smart TVs: LED TV Series (D8000, D7000, D6600)

Samsung's new Smart LED TV lineup comes in three distinct series, all of which feature various differences in design in order to cater to various target markets. However, users need not fret about having to deal with reduced functionality if they opt to go for a cheaper model: Samsung has confirmed that all three series will be sold with the same set of features to ensure that no consumer loses out on the Smart TV experience.

The D8000 series consist of both 55-inch and 60-inch television sets, and it forms the premium segment of Samsung's Smart TV lineup and features a barely visible brushed metal bezel which measures no more than 5mm, thus giving the television sets a certain 'frameless' look, as shown in the picture above. According to Samsung, the D8000 series of Smart TVs also come with Micro Dimming technology which is capable of producing deeper and richer blacks, thus resulting in lifelike image quality.

Consumers who seek a slightly more affordable Smart TV with a similar design aesthetic will probably find much to like in Samsung's new D7000 series, which is available in both 46-inch and 55-inch form factors. Like the D8000 series, the D7000 series of TVs also feature the same ultrathin 5mm bezel, except that it is now black instead of brushed metal, and lacks the Micro Dimming feature found in the former.

Lastly, the entry-level D6600 series of television sets are likely to appeal to consumers who wish to enjoy the full Smart TV experience without having to deal with the pain of smashing the piggy bank into tiny pieces. Available in 40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch form factors, the D6600 series lack the ultra-narrow 5mm bezel found in both the D8000 and D7000 series. 

Common features shared between the D8000, D7000 and D6600 series of Smart TVs include the Smart Hub user interface, seamless sharing of multimedia content via DLNA, and the ability to be controlled remotely via various Android-powered devices such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphones.

The Smart Hub user interface

A demonstration of the TV's allshare feature, which makes extensive use of DLNA


A demonstration of a Galaxy Tab being used to control the TV remotely

Pricing and availability of the various models are as follow:

  • D8000 (55-inch): now available for S$6,499
  • D8000 (60-inch): pricing TBA, available in second half of 2011
  • D7000 (46-inch): now available for S$4,499
  • D7000 (55-inch): pricing TBA, available in mid April
  • D6600 (40-inch): available now for S$2,599
  • D6600 (46-inch): available now for S$3,799
  • D6600 (55-inch): pricing TBA, available end April
  • D6600 (60-inch): pricing TBA, available in second half of 2011

Smart TVs: Plasma TV series (D8000, D490)

Users who prefer the older but familiar territory of plasma technology need not feel left out of the Smart TV experience; this is because Samsung has also updated its plasma TV lineup with new models to ensure that consumers do not miss out on what their LED TV-totting counterparts are enjoying. 

The Samsung D8000 series of plasma television sets is touted to be capable of offering consumers the best viewing experience in either 2D or 3D and features Samsung's new ultrathin Plasma+1 bezel. Unlike most plasma TVs with thin bezels, Samsung claims that its Plasma+1 bezel is narrow enough to a point where consumers are able to gain an extra inch of screen size without an increase in the physical size of the television set.

In addition, the D8000 series of plasma TVs feature Samsung's Real Black Technology which reduces onscreen glare to provide richer blacks, and is compatible with Samsung's 3D active shutter glasses. Lastly, the D8000 is Smart TV capable, which means that it has access to all the features available in the aforementioned LED TVs.

Lastly, Samsung also introduced the D490 series of plasma television sets, which also comes with the new Plasma+1 bezel for added screen size. However, we should point out that the D490 series of television sets are the only devices in today's lineup which is not Smart TV capable. This means that users who opt for the D490 will not have access to any of the online content or services Samsung has made available.

Pricing and availability for the various models are as follow:

  • D8000 (51-inch and 64-inch): pricing TBA, available in mid April
  • D490 (43-inch): now available for S$1,399
  • D490 (51-inch): now available for S$1,999

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