Samsung recently unveiled their first ever portable Bluetooth enabled sound system called the DA.  The device was unveiled just ahead of the CES 2013 being held in Las Vegas from Jan 8-11.

Last year Samsung introduced to the market the DA-E750, which is very nice Airplay and Bluetooth enabled speaker system.  While nice on the eyes, it wasn’t truly portable and it costs around 600 dollars (U.S.).  Samsung has listened to their consumer’s wants, and recently unveiled a sister version of the DA-E750 they are calling the DA-F60; its unveiling came just ahead of the CES 2013 being held in Las Vegas, NV.

Weighing in at around 3 pounds, the DA-F60 is Samsung’s first truly portable, Bluetooth enabled speaker system.  The device also supports NFC connections and is compatible with Samsung’s ‘SoundShare’ platform enabling it to work with your HDTV.  This system will also feature a relative newcomer to codecs called the apt-X.  The DA-F60 offers a premium sound unlike any other wireless, portable system offered by any of Samsung’s competitors. 

The speakers use powerful neodymium magnets and a passive radiator to impart a high quality, high fidelity sound along with super low-frequency sounds.  Samsung claims that even at very high volumes the device has little distortion.

In regards to the previously mentioned apt-X codec, this is a relatively new audio codec developed by APT Licensing.  This codec enables the DA-F60 to offer a much improved dynamic range and superb audio streaming over a Bluetooth device. The codec offers ultra-low latency and low power consumption making it perfect for the DA-F60. Keep an eye out for this codec offered on future audio devices.

“The DA-F60 incorporates neodymium magnets and a passive radiator to produce results typically found in high-end Hi-Fi audio systems, including tuned low-frequency reproduction and virtually no distortion even at high volumes,” Samsung writes on their website. “Users will also enjoy improved performance and a high-quality experience with the built in apt-X codec technology, which boosts the Bluetooth speaker’s extensive dynamic range, particularly at the top end.

Android mobile devices that support the DA-F60 are Motorola’s RAZR line of smartphones, the HTC One X, One S, and One V.  Logically it supports the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II as well.

The cost of the portable system has not been made public just yet, but if one were to compare it to the DA-E750, we could expect it to be somewhere in the 350-500 dollars (U.S.) range.  There are no worries about having to get batteries for it since it comes with its own built in battery; however, Samsung did not release any facts on what kind of life its battery has.  Be expecting to see the system either on-line or at a Samsung distributor in 3-5 months.


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