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Samsung will announce Ativ One and multiple Ativ Book 9’s at London event tonight

Samsung is holding an event later today and most of the leaks up to this point have been relating to the Galaxy brand. Well that just changed as some hints of what to expect for Windows have surfaced online.


Samsung’s London event promises announcements for both their popular Galaxy line as well as their Ativ line. On the Galaxy side the expectation is that they’ll announce the Galaxy NX, which is an interchangeable lensed camera that runs Android, as well as offer more details on other upcoming devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, S4 Activ, S4 Mini, and possibly a Galaxy Camera 2.

samsung_ativ_book_9lite_tastiera samsung_ativ_book_9lite_cover

A leak from Samsung Indonesia is now offering details on what to expect from the Ativ line of devices.  There is a new ultrabook called the Ativ Book 9 Lite (seen in the images above) which sports a 13.3″ display. This could be a possible re-branding of their Series 9 line of notebooks, maybe going even thinner to compete with the Macbook Air. Leaks suggest 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, and an AMD A6 APU to power it.

There is also word of an Ativ Book 9 Plus which will feature the same specs except be powered with a 4th generation dual-core Intel processor, the i5-4200U. Yet another device is the Ativ Book Q which by the sounds of it has similar specs to the Book 9 Plus but probably differentiates in some way that we’ll have to wait to see.

The last device is the Ativ One which is expected to be an all-in-one PC. All devices should be running Windows 8 and don’t be surprised if any of them are packing a touchscreen as well. We’re only hours away from seeing these being officially announced to stay tuned for more details, hopefully on pricing and availability.

Update: an image of the Ativ Book Q has appeared now as well.


Source: Sammyhub, Samsung Indonesia Facebook Via: GSMarena, Notebook Italia

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