Samsung makes handsets that come in all shapes, colors and sizes, but what about a heavy-duty and rugged gadget for clumsy people and professionals? As a matter of fact, Samsung is said to be working on a tough, dust and water-proof Galaxy S4, which it will be unveil soon!

The tradeoffs to producing a rugged electronic device have always been a decrease in appeal and, often times, less room for customization.  Samsung could change all that, though, with its iteration of a rugged GS4, and we might be able to see it officially in the coming weeks.

(This Otterbox design is rugged, but it's not water-proof.)

We’ve already discussed the specs of the normal GS4, and for the most part we can assume that the armor-clad GS4 variant will have the same internal organs.

Young Soo Kim, Samsung’s Gulf president, said in a press conference today that the South Korean tech giant is indeed working on a ruggedized GS4.  Nothing else besides the water-proof and dust-proof nature of the upcoming GS4 was disclosed. 

In the meantime, however, many carriers globally have already begun taking pre-orders of the GS4, and consumers can expect to have their handsets to arrive at the end of April or early May.