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Samsung wireless charging kit is now available for the Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

If you’ve got almost 100 dollars to spare and have been anxiously awaiting the day Samsung’s official wireless charging kit becomes available, you’re in luck.

There’s no denying that wireless charging is a great convenience for any smartphone user. The ability to set it and forget it without having many dangling wires around your desk is something most people would like, but at what cost. According to Samsung that cost is $90 for the complete wireless charging kit.


If you’re wondering, yes it is possible to purchase the backplate on its own for $39.99. The phone supports the Qi wireless standard so if you already own a Qi charger then you do not need to buy the entire kit. You can buy the wireless charging pad itself for $49.99 as well, so they are definitely not short on offering whatever option you might need.

However it should be noted that there are other solutions out there and it’s not required that you use an official Samsung product. Samsung’s store is acting a little wonky at the moment so you’re so anxious you need it now, good luck.

Source: Samsung (backplate) (pad) Via: Engadget

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